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Gender Male
Race Celestial Brush god
Location Underground Ruins (children)
Family Ko-Kyokugami (children)
Appearances Ōkamiden
O Child of the Great Sun, we are the young Kyokugami! We are the brothers two, ready to serve you. We are Spirits of the Brush from ancient times.... and we served your ancestor with our rhymes. Long have we been trapped in this ark... with no one to guide us in the dark. You can move steel if you access the two power fields... and to you we give the power of Magnetism to wield!

—Young Kyokugami

Kyokugami (「子極神」?; Ko-Kyokugami) is a brush god introduced in Ōkamiden. He is a gigantic baleen whale (A rorqual but lacking a dorsal fin like Right and Bowhead Whales) and is accompanied by his two children, who bounce on his water spout. He gives Chibiterasu Magnetism, the power to control magnets. Kyokugami is covered in celestial markings like the rest of the gods; however, he also has a red and blue taijitu on his head. Each of his children has a tomoe on their head. Kyokugami is the oldest and longest serving of all brush gods.


Main article: Magnetism

Magnetism is a useful Celestial Brush Technique. By drawing an "U", objects that have a magnetic reaction will be attracted towards each other. Drawing an upside-down "U" will draw them apart instead.


  • The Kyokugami and Ko-Kyokugami are the only Celestial Brush gods so far that say their sentences in rhymes.
  • Kyokugami's name, as well as his childrens', are based on the kanji「極」(「きょく」?; kyoku; pole, polar)[1].
  • Although whales are not part of East Asian zodiac, they are in the position of dragons in the Persian zodiac[2].
  • Kyokugami is one of two brush gods to only appear and grant a technique to Chibiterasu and not Amaterasu.


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  2. Unicodeで見る各国の十二支 by NAOI. retrieved on 31 May 2014

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