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Oki kutone
Oki wielding Kutone
Appearances Ōkami
Type Sacred sword
Use Offense
Ritualistic significance
Source Pedestal at Laochi Lake
Found Kamui (Ezofuji)
Kutone (「クトネシリカ」?; Kutoneshirika) is the sacred sword of the Oina tribe. Throughout the story of Ōkami, it is wielded by Oki.


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  • Kutone's "silver glow" is actually more of a blue color.
  • The sword's abilities, if any, are unknown; it is only said to be very powerful and sacred to the Oina. However, when Oki tried to use it on powerful demons (True Orochi and Lechku & Nechku), he was defeated easily. This suggests that the sword doesn't actually have any special powers on its own, besides its silver glow. It is also possible that Oki was taken by surprise and didn't get a chance to use the sword to its full potential.
  • In Ōkamiden's History Scrolls, in the Protector of the Frozen Land scroll, Kutone's name is mispelled as "Kuton".

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