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King Wada
King Wada
King of the Dragonians Wada
Gender Male
Race Dragonian
Location North Ryoshima Coast
Dragon Palace
Family Otohime (wife)
Appearances Ōkami
Alas, my end is near. I have slain many innocents while in the grip of madness. I pray that their souls may rest in peace in these watery depths, these deep blue waters the people of Ryoshima Coast so dearly love.

—King Wada

King Wada (「龍王海神」?; Ryūō Wadatsumi; Dragon-King Wadatsumi) is the 27th king of the Dragonians[Citation needed]. Using the Dragon Orb, he transformed into the Water Dragon to protect his home, the Dragon Palace.


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  • King Wada and Otohime, unlike other characters of Ōkami, was designed with a distinctive Chinese flair[1]
  • King Wada is based on the Japanese dragon and water deity, Watatsumi, who is also known as Ryūjin. However, according to the legends, Watatsumi was the father of Otohime, unlike King Wada who was her husband.


  1. Ōkami Official Complete Works, Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ōkami Concept Works, §.People, page 144.

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