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The main Item selection screen in Ōkami.

Throughout Amaterasu and Chibiterasu's journey, there are many tools and items (「消耗品」?; Shōmōhin) that can be useful on their journey. There are several ways to obtain them: from merchants and traders, in exchange for yen or Demon Fangs; from demons, after they are struck by the Thief's Glove or defeated in combat; or from inside smashable objects and treasure chests (or shells, in underwater areas).

Sometimes, items can be obtained by performing specific actions. For example, Onigiri-Sensei will give Amaterasu a Holy Bone M at the end of each new training session. A few battles end with a Golden Peach materializing by itself inside the combat arena, such as the last round of a Devil gate trial cave or the first encounter with Dogu on the other side of the Spirit Gate; in those cases, the item must be picked up before it dissolves.

Inventory and usage


The "Tools" items menu.

The inventory of these items can be viewed in the upper part of the "Tools" list from the main fan menu, which shows a small icon of each item and the number of them that is in possession. All of the ordinary tools have an inventory limit of 99 items, past which excess items will simply disappear. To use one, select it with the cursor to apply its effects and decrease its inventory count. If a particular item cannot be used (either because none is in possession or because the proper conditions for its use are not present), its icon will still be visible, but highlighted by a gray color.

The lower part of the "Tools" list contains Key items that can be selected to view their descriptions but cannot be used in the same way as ordinary tools; they only appear there when they are actually in possession, and do not highlighted in gray when gone.

The two types of Sake can only be used during battle. Each type can be used only in individual doses, i.e. one dose can be taken for each of Steel Fist Sake and Steel Soul Sake to increase both of Amaterasu's attack and defense statistic simultaneously, but two simultaneous doses of Steel Soul Sake can be taken to increase defense by twice as much; to take a second dose of Steel Soul Sake, the first one must wear off first.

Many extra tools can be sold back to merchants for yen, though half of the buying price will be received. Some items, such as Gold Dust and anything priced by Demon Fangs, cannot be sold; once they are in possession, they remain in the inventory until used.

Most of the ordinary tools in the inventory are carried over to a New Game+, except for the Mermaid Coins. In every playthrough, the Digging minigame in Sasa Sanctuary must be completed to make the Mermaid Coin available for purchase from merchants.

List of Tools

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Image Name Buy/Sell Description
Feedbag (Seeds) Feedbag (Seeds)


¥500/¥250 "Freshly roasted seeds that seed loving animals can't resist."
Feedbag (Herbs) Feedbag (Herbs)


¥500/¥250 "Sweet herbs. Popular among herbivorous animals."
Feedbag (Meat) Feedbag (Meat)


¥500/¥250 "Fresh red meat. Irresistible to carnivorous animals."
Feedbag (Fish) Feedbag (Fish)


¥500/¥250 "Fresh fish. Irresistible to animals who dine on fish."
Holy Bone S Holy Bone S


¥500/¥250 "Amaterasu's favorite snack. Restores 3 units of Solar Energy."
Holy Bone M Holy Bone M


¥1500/¥750 "Amaterasu's favorite snack. Restores 10 units of Solar Energy."
Holy Bone L Holy Bone L


¥2500/¥1250 "Amaterasu's favorite snack. Completely restores Solar Energy."
Exorcism Slip S Exorcism Slip S


¥4000/¥2000 "Paper depicting holy incantation. Slightly damages nearby enemies."
Exorcism Slip M Exorcism Slip M


¥7000/¥3500 "Paper depicting holy incantation. Moderately damages nearby enemies."
Exorcism Slip L Exorcism Slip L


¥10000/¥5000 "Paper depicting holy incantation. Greatly damages nearby enemies."
Vengeance Slip Vengeance Slip


¥10000/¥5000 "Paper depicting karmic backlash. Temporarily deflects enemy attacks."
Inkfinity Stone Inkfinity Stone


¥5000/¥2500 "Stone with limitless source. Temporarily enjoy infinite ink."
Traveler's Charm Traveler's Charm


3 Demon Fangs "Protects travelers from danger. Increases godhood by 1 level."
Godly Charm Godly Charm


8 Demon Fangs "Charm imbued with the breath of the gods. Increases godhood to max."
Steel Fist Sake Steel Fist Sake

(「銘酒 鋼のコブシ」?)

¥2000/¥1000 "Sake brewed with the spirit of steel. Temporarily increases Attack Power."
Steel Soul Sake Steel Soul Sake

(「銘酒 鋼のタマシイ」?)

¥1000/¥500 "Sake brewed with the spirit of steel. Temporarily increases defense."
Gold Dust Gold Dust


¥5000~¥25000 "Powder made from golden earth that unleashes the potential of weapons."
Mermaid Coin Mermaid Coin


¥1000/¥500 "Toss into Mermaid springs to teleport to other locations."
Golden Peach Golden Peach


15 Demon Fangs "Mystical fruit that fills the Astral Pouch instantaneously."

Karmic Transformers

Main article: Karmic Transformers

Depending on the success of previous playthroughs of the game, a New Game+ file may have many different Karmic Transformers added to Amaterasu's and Chibiterasu's inventory. They can be selected and used like normal items, but have no real function beyond changing their appearance, and in Amaterasu's case, bark. All are identified by a number and have the same basic description of "Alters physical form. Great for a change of pace on long journeys". They are automatically accompanied by the Karmic Returner: "Undo karmic transformation and return to original form." While they are listed as having only one copy each, they are not depleted when used and can be used repeatedly. They can also alter cutscenes as well.

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