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Inside the Emperor (1)
Type Dungeon
Notable inhabitants Blight
Items Exorcism Beads
Appearances Ōkami
Connecting locations

Imperial Palace

Inside the Emperor is an area in Ōkami. It is, as the name suggests, the throat and stomach of the Emperor, and the source of the toxic mist that overran Sei'an City. The mist is revealed to have been caused by Blight, who had taken up residence in the Emperor's stomach, and was soundly defeated by Amaterasu and Issun.


The Emperor's digestive tract is the only part of his insides that is explored, which runs from the top of the Emperor's throat to his stomach, where Blight is found. The walls are a fleshy mixture of pink, red, and light yellow, but they become greener and the air fills with green mist as the stomach is approached. The only notable feature is the Emperor's uvula, which may be struck to exit his body.


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