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Ink Bullet
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Appearances Ōkami
User(s) Amaterasu
Granted by Snarling Beast (equip to use)
Seven Strike (equip to use)
Eighth Wonder (equip to use)
Power(s) Forms bullets to attack enemies
Ink Bullet is a minor Celestial Brush technique available in Ōkami. It is not learned from any Celestial Brush gods; rather, it is enabled when Amaterasu has the Divine Instrument Snarling Beast, Seven Strike, or Eighth Wonder equipped as main weapons. Its only use is to attack enemies by using bullets of ink.


Ink Bullet is used to attack a demon with numerous bullets of ink. The attack increases in strength as more dots are added, but this also uses more ink. Ink Bullet, if used to kill a demon, does not interfere with the use of a Floral Finisher. Some stronger demons and bosses may be immune to the attack.


Ink Bullet is used by drawing a number of dots over a demon when an appropriate Divine Instrument is equipped as the main weapon; the power of the attack will increase the more dots are drawn, but so will the amount of Ink Pots used. Ink Bullet will fail if any Holy smoke is caused to appear, as the corresponding Celestial Brush technique will override Ink Bullet's effects.

The amount of damage that Ink Bullet deals is related to the amount of dots painted on a certain target. The more dots there are, the more vicious the barrage of bullets is. Also, Ink Bullet can be used to deal damage to multiple opponents simultaneously

Ink Bullet when used on an opponent will cause a certain amount of recoil, but this does not limit its usage, because the technique can be used at any distance. Also, Ink Bullet does not provoke a defensive stance of a foe, but when used on a defending opponent, the technique will yield no effect.



Ink Bullet is available in Ōkami only when the Reflector Snarling Beast or the Glaives Seven Strike or Eighth Wonder are equipped as the main Divine Instrument.



  1. "Devout Beads:
    A Rosary overflowing with supernatural power. Grants Ink Bullet power when set as the sub-weapon.
    Ōkami Official Complete Works, page 10.

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