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Hitoshio Spring 5A2E (4)
Amaterasu at Hitoshio Spring.
Type Spring
Notable inhabitants Several deer
Madame Fawn (temporary shack, Ōkamiden)
Enemies Several Red, Yellow and Blue Imps (only during quick-time event encounter with Susano)
Items Stray bead ×1
Appearances Ōkami
Connecting locations

Agata Forest
Shinshu Field (via tunnel)

Hitoshio Spring (「ヒトシオの泉」?; Hitoshio no izumi) is a small spring located in the northern part of Agata Forest. In Ōkami, the water the is used by Kushi as a sake ingredient in her 8 Purification Sake. Kushi can be found collecting water for the approaching Kamiki Festival during Amaterasu's search for the lost three members of the Canine Warriors. In Ōkamiden, Madame Fawn moved here due to the flooding of Agata Forest caused by Bullhead.


The Hitoshio Spring serves as a natural spring and one of the sources of water in Agata Forest. The spring's source is from the empty stump of a giant tree, which has hollow branches for the water to flow out into an erosion-formed pond. The pond has no offshoots, but the water in it never seems stagnant, because it has a swirling Mermaid spring in it.


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