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This article is about the sidequest regarding statues; for the type of demon, see Guardians.

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Guardian statues are small altar-like shrines found around Shinshu Field in Ōkami. They are part of a side quest for Praise, however Amaterasu cannot complete it until she restores the Nameless Man's kiln.

If she talks to Nameless Man after his kiln returns, he will give her a vase, which Amaterasu must bring it to one of the five statues, which will then give out Praise. It does not matter which statue she brings a vase to. If she talks to Nameless Man after she has offered the vases to all the statues, he will give her Stray Bead #10.

  • Note: There are five vases for five statues. Nameless Man will only make one vase per day, however, so use Crescent and Sunrise to quicken the process. However, the fifth vase is only made after Lika is taken to the gate of Wawku Shrine.


  • At a crossroad near the center of Shinshu Field.
  • On an uphill path near the Dojo.
  • Inside a cave beside a Kabegami's statue.
  • Found after Orochi has been defeated, where the Moon Cave used to be.
  • On the bottom of the left side of the slope leading to the Moon Cave.


  • If Amaterasu examines a statue before it had been offered with a vase, Issun will exclaim that "it is lonely"[Citation needed].

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