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Gender Male
Race Spirit (literature character brought to life by a demon[1])
Location Sage Shrine
Family Shikibu (creator)
Appearances Ōkamiden

Genji (「光源氏」?; Hikaru Genji) is a character in Ōkamiden, who has a keen interest in women. Originally a character in the story of the author Shikibu, a demon gave life to the fictional being[1], thus becoming a spirit in the real world.


Genji has ash-gray hair and wears a short green shirt, that is accompanied by loose sleeves and a large heart ornament on the collar. He also wears a pink and red hakama. He holds two fans that are white with pink lining on the edges with a pink heart on each.


Genji is a character created by Shikibu to be a "perfect man", but the spirit became too much for the author to handle, becoming a very flirtatious womanizer. He also likes to carry women he had seduced to specific places around the Sage Shrine for a "private moment", and is very persistent in doing so. He will move from place to place when he is found. This persistence consequently backfired, as when Genji stopped dragging Nanami around the Sage Shrine, the mermaid was furious and fed-up with the spirit's antics, and proceeded to violently beat him up.


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Bestiary entry

Genji bestiary

Genji's entry in the bestiary.

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    "This loathsome lothario loves all women, and thinks they all love him.
    A demon gave life to the character created by the famous author Shikibu.
    Originally written as the perfect man, this Mr. Right went wrong,
    to the detriment of all the ladies in the world."


  • Even though never truly fought, nor is he a demon, Genji has an entry in the bestiary scrolls.
  • Genji is based on the titular character of Murasaki Shikibu's The Tale of Genji, one the first novels ever written. "Lady Murasaki", as she is commonly known, was a lady of the Heian court. Genji himself is a very passionate character who must live with the consequences of his flamboyant lifestyle.

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