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Garyou cover

The Garyou Tensei Ōkami's cover, with a cellphone for size reference.

The Garyou Tensei Ōkami (「画龍点睛 大神」?) is a sourcebook that explains many of the cultural references within Ōkami. So far, it has been published only in Japan as ISBN 978-4-86233-120-5. The book is almost entirely in Japanese-language text, and includes a Region 2 DVD of most of the game's cutscenes without new material.

The book is divided into four main sections according to source category.

Shinto mythology

This section begins with the origin myth of Izanagi and Izanami (Nagi and Nami), the proceeds through the other kami who were adapted into the game:

The mythology section ends with an expanded family tree that shows how all of the above kami and interrelated, and also explains the ritual basis of the twelve-animal East Asia zodiac that was the inspiration for the Celestial Brush gods.

Folklore and literature

This section contains traditional folktales without religious connections, roughly organized by order of introduction within the game:

Historical figures and events

Garyou page

A page of the Garyou Tensei Ōkami.

This section describes various historical figures who were adapted into the game:

Ainu culture

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