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Food (「食べ物」?; tabemono; food)is a vital piece of Ōkami's world, providing Amaterasu a means of revitalization should she be killed in battle. Doing so requires the use of the Astral Pouch, an item found in the River of the Heavens. This acts a stomach of sorts for Amaterasu, yet noticeably, Chibiterasu lacks this trait in his own adventures.


Obtaining food is a rather simple task. When food is not readily available, Amaterasu need only find a source of dirt and Power Slash it until food appears or follow a similar process, Power Slashing or headbutting pots and other breakable items. This will net her various varieties of foods, with different Food Point values. Ranging from 1 point all the way up to 200, Amaterasu need only obtain food going over the 200 point limit to fill an Astral Pouch, which will revive her upon a potential death. However, if food continues to be collected even after filling the Pouch, it will convert to a certain amount of Yen instead.

There are only a handful of foods that will max out Amaterasu's Food Point counter and one important item received from Merchants who accept Demon Fangs as currency: the Golden Peach. The Golden Peach, when used, will completely fill Amaterasu's Astral Pouch, allowing her to convert any food after that to Food Points for another Pouch or Yen for other spending purposes, such as the acquisition of Divine Instruments, Dōjō techniques, or other useful Items.

Non-food items

Contrary to what would be understood as food, the Feedbags and Fish that Amaterasu carries around with her, either after purchase or catching them, cannot be converted to Food Points and rather can be used to feed Animals or sold for Yen to a Merchant.

Amaterasu is also unable to cook for herself or hunt other animals to obtain food, following along her pattern of consuming primarily vegetation and on occasion, prepared foods left out for her or other patrons. This falls in line with her good nature and desire to bring only good to the people of Nippon, a wish that seems to extend to the land's creatures as well, as she is seen as having good relations with many Animals, other wolves, and even dogs.

Food master list

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Throughout Nippon, a brief description of a particular food item will accompany the consumed ration only once. Without a true list of all of the morsels of foods Amaterasu has certainly enjoyed, the following is a master list taken from the official guidebook for the PS2, Ōkami Official Guidebook Famitsu Capcom.

Food item Description Value Notes
Rice ball
(「おにぎり」?; onigiri; rice ball)
Rice pressed into balls, wrapped in seaweed 1 Food Point / 10両
(「カブ」?; kabu; turnip)
Pure white vegetable with round roots 1 Food Point / 10両
Lettuce(「キャベツ」?; kyabetsu; cabbage) A vegetable with thick leaves and full of fiber 1 Food Point / 10両
(「ジャガイモ」?; jagaimo; potato)
A charming vegetable with a soft and flaky texture 1 Food Point / 10両
(「ぶどう」?; budō; grape)
A juicy fruit that turns into a shrub 1 Food Point / 10両
(「へちま」?; hechima; gourd)
A vegetable useful for things outside of eating 1 Food Point / 10両
(「ミカン」?; mikan; tangerine)
A fruit that stimulates a hint of sourness and acidity 1 Food Point / 10両 One of the first foods encountered in the River of the Heavens upon obtaining an Astral Pouch
(「りんご」?; ringo; apple)
A bittersweet fruit full of sweet nectar 1 Food Point / 10両 One of the first foods encountered in the River of the Heavens upon obtaining an Astral Pouch
(「人参」?; ninjin; carrot)
A brightly colored root with parts containing a treasure trove of nutrients 1 Food Point / 10両
(「団子」?; dango; skewered dumplings)
Grains of rice rolled up into balls 1 Food Point / 10両
(「桃」?; momo; peach)
A fruit with a rich and juicy smell 1 Food Point / 10両 One of the first foods encountered in the River of the Heavens upon obtaining an Astral Pouch
Chinese cabbage
(「白菜」?; hakusai; white cabbage)
A vegetable that is a little on the plain side, but has a rich flavor 1 Food Point / 10両
Grilled fish
(「焼き魚」?; yakizakana; grilled fish)
Fish roasted over a high flame 3 Food Points / 30両
(「大根」?; daikon; Oriental radish)
A charming root with a crisp feel 3 Food Points / 30両
Rice bale
(「米俵」?; komedawara; bag of rice)
An item containing rice stuffed into a bag made knitted straw 3 Food Points / 30両
Millet Dumplings
(「キビダンゴ」?; kibidango; millet dumplings)
Dumplings that are indispensable when vanquishing demons 5 Food Points / 50両 Received from Momotaro after retrieving them from Hayazo
Roasted meat
(「こんがり肉」?; kongari niku; well-done meat)
Meat with a flame-cooked fragrance 5 Food Points / 50両
(「スイカ」?; suika; watermelon)
A deliciously juicy vegetable resembling a fruit 5 Food Points / 50両 Found in front of Kushi's house in Kamiki Village
Sasa Dumplings
(「笹部のお団子」?; Sasa no o-dango; Sasa’s Dumplings)
Painstakingly kneaded dumplings 5 Food Points / 50両 Found at Sasa Sanctuary
Sasa cake
(「笹部のお饅頭」?; Sasa no o-manjuu; Sasa’s jelly buns)
Jelly buns filled to the brim with red bean jelly 5 Food Points / 50両 Found at Sasa Sanctuary
Sasa crab
(「笹部のカニ料理」?; Sasa no o-kani ryouri)
A delicacy made with fully boiled fresh crab meat 5 food point / 50両 Found at Sasa Sanctuary
Sasa fruit
(「笹部の果物」?; Sasa no kudamono; Sasa’s fruit)
Even though it is small, these fruits are plenty filling 5 Food Points / 50両 Found at Sasa Sanctuary
Sasa egg rolls
(「笹部の玉子巻」?; Sasa no tamagomaki; Sasa’s egg rolls)
A simple dish with the taste of an exiquisite delicacy 5 Food Points / 50両 Found at Sasa Sanctuary
Sasa rice
(「笹部の御飯」?; Sasa no gohan; Sasa’s rice)
Rice stacked for a dish with good flavor 5 Food Points / 50両 Found at Sasa Sanctuary
Sasa Hotchpotch
(「笹部の煮物」?; Sasa no nimono; Sasa’s stew)
A stew allowed to simmer for one day 5 Food Points / 50両 Found at Sasa Sanctuary
Sasa fish
(「笹部の焼き魚」?; Sasa no yakizakana; Sasa’s grilled fish)
Fish grilled in perfect conditions 5 Food Points / 50両 Found at Sasa Sanctuary
Sasa meat
(「笹部の肉料理」?; Sasa no niku ryouri)
A hearty dish with meat 5 Food Points / 50両 Found at Sasa Sanctuary
Grilled oranges
(「焼きミカン」?; yaki-mikan; grilled tangerine)
Tangerines given a stronger flavor when grilled 5 Food Points / 50両
Kamiki orange
(「神木ミカン」?; Kamiki mikan; Kamiki tangerine)
Kamiki’s speciality orange full of savory flavor 5 Food Points / 50両 Found after using Power Slash on the giant orange atop Mr. Orange's house
Bamboo shoot
(「たけのこ」?; take no ko; bamboo shoot)
A vegetable with a soft feel 10 Food Points / 100両 Can be found all throughout Sasa Sanctuary and Kusa Village
Cherry cake
(「桜餅」?; sakura-mochi; cherry blossom sticky rice cake)
A sticky rice cake with red bean jelly, wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf 10 Food Points / 100両 Received from Mrs. Orange if she is visited at night
Rice Stew Eruption
(「釜飯」?; kamameshi; kettle rice)
Freshly cooked rice stew filled with Yama’s love 20 Food Points / 2000両 Received as part of a sidequest involving Yama
(「刺身」?; sashimi; sliced meat)
A hearty dish making good use of raw materials 200 Food Points / 2000両 Received as part of a sidequest involving Umi

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