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Food is an important aspect of Ōkami and comes in many different varieties and can be found in just as many ways. These foods have various amounts of restorative power to fill an Astral Pouch to a capacity of 200 food points. When all of Amaterasu's Astral Pouches are full, food automatically converts into yen instead.

Amaterasu can forage for most of these foods by herself. She can harvest them from recognizable food plants by Power Slashing them or digging them up, or simply eat prepared food items that are already laid out for her. Friendly characters may give food to Amaterasu when she interacts with them. Some of the most common foods can randomly emerge from breakable objects or random plants. A few foods can only be obtained from specific sources, and tend to be more filling. They often become available after helping someone who then gives the food to Amaterasu on request, such as Mrs. Orange's cherry cakes and Momotaro's millet dumplings. However, sometimes the food becomes available as soon as Amaterasu reaches the right location, such as the Kamiki orange on top of Mr. and Mrs. Orange's house and the diverse feast in the upper rooms of Sasa Sanctuary.

Amaterasu cannot eat the feedbags that she carries around for other animals or the fish caught from fishing, and she cannot buy or sell the types of food that she eats.

Food items

Each food type falls into a category that yields a specific number of food points or yen. New food types are identified when first encountered, but then disappear into her total of food points or yen. Other than the initial identification and a small on-screen icon whenever re-acquired, the specific foods do not appear in her inventory or in a "food list" menu record.


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  • "Fills the Astral Pouch a little bit": Apple, orange, peach, dumplings, radish, Chinese cabbage, grapes, potato, rice ball, gourd, ginseng.
  • "Fills the Astral Pouch": Watermelon, rice bale, roasted meat, roasted fish, Kamiki orange, Sasa egg rolls, Sasa cake, Sasa fruit, Sasa Hotchpotch, Sasa Dumplings, Sasa Crab, Sasa fish, Sasa rice, Sasa meat, millet dumplings.
  • "Fills the Astral Pouch a good deal": Cherry cakes, bamboo shoot.
  • "Fills the Astral Pouch completely": Rice Stew Eruption, Sashimi.

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