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Flame Gargoyle
Flame gargoyle
First encountered Shinshu Field (100 years ago)
Attack method Contact
Weapon(s) Fire
The Flame Gargoyle (「夜叉瓦」?; Yashagawara) is a minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. A variation of the Gargoyle race of demons, it is the stronger version of the Gargoyle.


The Flame Gargoyle is first encountered at Shinshu Field (100 years ago). A Flame Gargoyle wanders around when idle, but upon spotting a target, it will spin in place, then charge towards the victim with surprising speed. It is a golden-orange stone gargoyle head with the face of an oni on a foundation, having one long horn on the forehead, and a mouth lined with vicious teeth and fangs. On the foundation at each side of the demon's face are two rivets bolted on. It boasts a large, constant flame around its body.


The Flame Gargoyle was originally a guardian of buildings from malicious demons and spirits, but it suddenly decided to attack humans as per its own decision. It has completely forgotten any memories of being a protective being, and the only desire left within it is to eat the humans that it used to protect from evil[1].

Bestiary entry

  1. "A gargoyle that has decided to attack humans of its own volition.
    Its memories as a beneficial protector have been completely lost.
    Its only pleasure is feasting upon the humans it once protected."


The Flame Gargoyle is very straightforward: dispel its elemental barrier by using either Galestorm, Waterspout, or Splash, and kill it with hits from an offensive Celestial Brush technique (secret Celestial Brush techniques are more recommended) or a Divine Instrument. It is recommended that Chibiterasu kill the demon when it is not aware of his presence. The Flame Gargoyle is stronger than the Gargoyle in that it requires two hits to be dispatched instead of one.


  • A gargoyle is commonly used for buildings in urban and even suburban areas to be be put on the roof, edges, or water tubes, considered guardian deities or simply decoratives. They are usually in the form of a demon-like being with giant, bat-like wings, or demon-draconic creature with dragon-like wings.
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