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Five-Story Pagoda
Type Dungeon
Enemies White Toads
Pot Foxes
Items Various items
Issun's Masterpieces
Appearances Ōkamiden
Connecting locations

Agata Forest (limited)

Five-Story Pagoda (「五重塔」?; Gojū-no-tō) is a dungeon in Ōkamiden, located in Agata Forest. It is a maze-like waterlogged tower that Chibiterasu and Nanami must navigate through in order to find and defeat Bullhead. The Waterspout and Vine Celestial Brush techniques are found here, along with Chibiterasu's first Glaive, Tsumugari. Once Bullhead has been defeated, the area is no longer accessible.


It is a dilapidated multi-floored pagoda filled with pools of water and spikes in many places, along with gaping pits and Kanon statues in other areas. Many demons are littered throughout the place and in particular, the White Toads are plentiful here, even swimming through the extensive pools of water. At the bottom of the Pagoda, there is an arena of several small islands and some floating logs.


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Obtained items

Divine Instrument

Key items

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