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Appearances Ōkami
Location Ryoshima Coast
North Ryoshima Coast
There are two characters in Ōkami referred to as Fisherman (「漁師」?; Ryōshi). One is encountered at Ryoshima Coast, near Ankoku Temple. The other is found on the dock of a small island, just off North Ryoshima Coast. Other fishermen include Kokari, Benkei and Urashima.


The Ryoshima Coast fisherman is quite knowledgeable when it comes to Ryoshima Coast and the Sunken Ship. He has no problem telling Issun about the treasures found in the ship, but is quick to point out the dangers[1]. The Fisherman is quite wary of danger and constantly points out the danger posed by the Water Dragon[2].


The Ryoshima Coast fisherman has a tanned complexion and black hair. On his back is a large, black tattoo of a classical wooden ship's wheel. He wears little in the way of clothing, only his crotch is covered by a blue seashell. He wears bandages on his forearms and shins. At his waist is a bag, almost as large as his head. The Fisherman has small eyes and a drooping brow.

The Fisherman found on North Ryoshima Coast looks quite similar to his southern coast counterpart. He has a tanned complexion a large, black tattoo of an anchor on his back. His crotch is covered by a starfish and he has a white bandana on his head. He wears bandages on his forearms and shins. On his hip is a large bag. almost as large as his head. The Fisherman has a stern expression and a large, red nose.


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  1. "I can understand wanting treasure, but don't risk your life for it!"—Fisherman (Ōkami)
  2. "You can't swim in the sea, pooch! It's too dangerous! The Water Dragon's in there with its mouth wide open!"—Fisherman (Ōkami)

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