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Fashion girl
Fashion girls
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Sei'an City (Commoner's Quarter)
Appearances Ōkami
I'm not some ordinary kid, you know. I'm a fashion wiz! I always know what design will be the next big hit!

—Fashion girl

The Fashion girl (「都の女の子」?; Miyako no onna no ko) is a girl among the trio who plays in the eastern section of Sei'an City (Commoner's Quarter), who has an exceptional artistic vision to create some fantastic new designs that are "be the next big hit"[Citation needed].


This group of three are always playing outside. One of them is very sensitive to fads, and her little drawings are constantly changing according to the latest design released at the local clothing store[Citation needed].


The girl who is constantly drawing pictures on the ground with her Charcoal has some designs that she wanted it to be the next big hit. To start the sidequest, Amaterasu need to buy the Charcoal for ¥500 from the Tool Dealer.

Amaterasu must look at her designs and then go to Mr. Chic's shop to implement the design on the big kimono. A successful design will have Mr. Chic saying "That pattern almost seems as if it could make something happen" and that means that the design is already acceptable for the Fashion girl to continue with her next designs.

After completing each of the implementations based on her designs, Amaterasu will earn 20 praise. She will also give the Stray Bead #49 as her sign of friendship.


  • "In that case, I'll give you this as a sign of our friendship!"
  • "I want to draw lots more pictures that will make people happy!"
  • "Drawing, drawing, it's so fun!"
  • "I want to draw another picture! I want Charcoal!"
  • "Hm, I wonder what'll be this time..."
  • "Do you like drawing too?"
  • "Pictures have special powers, don't you think?"


  • When the Fashion girl talked to for the first time, her drawing is the exact same one that Amaterasu drew on the Mask when infiltrating the Moon Cave. Issun will ask if he had seen the design anywhere before[1].
  • During the sidequest, the Fashion girl gives various designs that are references to certain matters:
    • The third design is called the "henshin" design, a reference to Viewtiful Joe, another game made by Capcom (she even says "Henshin-a-go-go, baby!").
    • The fourth design is called the "clover design", a reference to Clover Studio.


  1. "Hey, haven't I seen that somewhere before?"—Issun (Ōkami)

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