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Dr. Redbeard
Redbeard artwork
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Yakushi Village
Family Dr. Bluebeard (brother)
Appearances Ōkamiden

Dr. Redbeard (「アカヒゲ先生」?; Akahige-sensei) is a famous doctor known all across Nippon, and the person who founded Yakushi Village.


Dr. Redbeard, ironically, has a vivid red mustache instead of a red beard. He has elderly white hair and eyebrows and a very short height. He carries around a gourd in a similar fashion to Mr. Orange & Mrs. Orange, with their oranges.


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  • "Who can mix medicine in a situation like this?"
  • "Hot darn in a hat! You got rid of all them ghosts! Much obliged, I am."
  • Alright, I'll mix your medicine!"
  • "Not even my medicine can cure Ayame's illness."


  • Dr. Redeard is inspired by the Akira Kurosawa film Red Beard, in which the titular character plays a very similar role to that of Dr. Redbeard, as well as the moniker "Dr. Redbeard".
  • In Japanese, the word 「髭」 (「ひげ」?; hige) means both "beard" and "mustache"[1]. This perhaps caused the internationalization team of Ōkamiden to mistakenly translate Dr. Redbeard's name as "Dr. Redbeard" instead of "Dr. Redmustache".


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