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Divine springs
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Type Underground springs
Notable inhabitants Occasionally Animals
Enemies Blockhead Grande(Kamui)
Items Treasures
Power Slash 2
Power Slash 3
Cherry Bomb 2
Cherry Bomb 3
Stray Bead #26
Stray Bead #63
Stray Bead #78
Appearances Ōkami
Connecting locations

Taka Pass
North Ryoshima Coast
Kamui x 2
Kamui (Ezofuji)

Divine springs are various underground areas throughout Nippon that can only be accessed with the Digging Champ ability. They hold many secrets like brush upgrades, treasure, and praise. How they were created is a mystery.


Though not playing a role in the game, they help by providing upgrades for Cherry Bomb and Power Slash, as well as treasure, including stray beads, and praise. The springs that provide upgrades are different than the usual springs, being that there is a pond. By offering yen, the pond will glow, which can heal Amaterasu. When the maximum ammount of yen is offered, this summons a brush god, Tachigami or Bakugami, who will grant an upgrade to Amaterasu.

The most common springs are those that hold treasure. They, more often than not, have a stray bead. They provide wilted trees and clovers to gain more praise. Sometimes, there are springs that have a large amount of animals, who can provide a large amount of praise if fed. Possibly the most infamous of Divine springs is the one that has Blockhead Grande, the most difficult Blockhead in the game, that resides in Kamui. Though he is optional to defeat, he does allow access to a stray bead if he is defeated, which is needed to complete the String of Beads.


There aren't many Divine springs, though there are multiples in certain areas. One is in Taka Pass, three in North Ryoshima Coast, two in Kamui, one under the stairs in the Dragon Palace (can be accessed with a bomb), and one near Laochi Lake. Aside from the springs that have brush upgrades, which the last upgrades need the current upgrade to access, all the springs need the Digging Champ ability to get to.



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