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Demon market
Onibi Market
Type Dungeon
Notable inhabitants Witch Queen
Enemies Green Imps
Red Imps
Yellow Imps
Fire Eye
Appearances Ōkamiden
Connecting locations

Agata Forest

The demon market (「鬼火市場」?; Onibi ichiba) or Onibi Market is a location in Ōkamiden. It is only accessible twice, both requiring Chibiterasu and his partner visiting Madame Fawn for advice first.


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Notable residents

Obtained items


  • Float: In the corner to the right of the staircase in the second area of the Demon market, requiring Rejuvenation to restore the broken floor around the treasure chest to gain access to it.
  • Hook: In the first area of the Demon Market, there is a tower in the center, right before the gate. It will be inaccessible on the first visit, but on the second visit, Vine can be used on the Konohana Blossom on top of the tower.

Issun's Masterpieces

  • Set 2 piece #3: At the entrance.
  • Set 2 piece #4: The first area, in the long tunnel at the end, hidden behind a wall to the left, exposed by a Cherry Bomb.

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