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Demon Nut
Demon nut
Appearances Ōkamiden
First encountered Ryoshima Coast
Attack method Shell clamp
Weapon(s) Shells
Floral Finisher Cherry Bomb (must be put in mouth)
Rewards 1 Demon Skin
The Demon Nut (「鬼胡桃」?; Onigurumi) is a type of demon encountered in Ōkamiden. It seemingly belongs to the Chimera category of armored demons.


The Demon Nut is first encountered at South Ryoshima Coast, at the fork road near Ankoku Temple's cemetery. The Demon Nut is true to its name: a demonic walnut. Its brown walnut shell is of a large size, with two muscular, gray arms sprouting from inside, which also gives the demon locomotion. Within the shell pieces is the nut, which serves as the eye and possibly, the whole body of the Demon Nut.


During life, the Demon Nut is only an ordinary walnut. Unfortunately, it was not eaten, and was carelessly discarded. Demonic influences revived the dead nut, and it became this demon. Since no one ate the Demon Nut during its life, in turn, it will now eat human[1].

Bestiary entry

  1. "A carelessly discarded walnut that turned into a ravenous demon.
    Since no one would eat it while it was alive, it will now eat human
    instead. You'll have to crack its shell to crack the nut inside."


The Demon Nut is protected by a tough shell, so the first thing that Chibiterasu must do when it emerges is to force it to open the shell pieces. Heavy hits of Glaives are good, but the Providence Crystal are even better (although using the Lightning crystals will immediately kill it, so use Fire or Ice instead). After the demon has been stunned, use Bloom on it to force open the shell pieces, then place a Cherry Bomb inside the shells. The Demon Nut will immediately came to, and run around while a 5-second timer ticks down to explosion inside its mouth, which will immediately kill the Demon Nut and grant Chibiterasu a Demon Skin piece. The bomb can be made to explode sooner by striking the running demon or using offensive Celestial Brush techniques on it. Note that these will only work after the timer has appeared.
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