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Dark Realm
Type Dark void
Enemies Imps
Clay Soldiers
Clay Samurai
Ice Beasts
Spark Beasts
Fire Beasts
Death Beasts
Master Anura
King Fury
Dark Chibiterasu
Items Various treasures and items
Appearances Ōkamiden

The Dark Realm (「闇の空間」?; Yami no Kūkan; "space of darkness") is a realm created by Akuro for his battle against Chibiterasu. It has the appearance of a void with many stars. Akuro has complete control of the Dark Realm and can manipulate space in it. Kurow has some control over the Dark Realm that is shown when he brought Manpuku, Kagu, and Nanami to where Chibiterasu was.

All the bosses encountered so far except for Mizuchi, the Witch Queen and the Asteroidean are resurrected (although without a will of their own, as they don't talk) and need to be destroyed before the battle with Kurow and Akuro can begin. The Dark Realm cannot be entered until Akuro allows entry as he is the only one who can open the portal to the Dark Realm. Access to the small metal islands of the Dark Realm is restricted until enemies blocking Chibi's path are defeated. However, there are also various treasures here, and if the treasures are not obtained before rescuing Chibi's companions in each level, they are not accessible again. Eventually, Chibiterasu engages in the final battle against Akuro and Dark Chibiterasu. It is unknown what the Dark Realm is truly capable of.

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