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Race Moon Tribe (creation of)
Location The moon (formerly)
Underground Ruins
Appearances Ōkamiden
Daidarabotchi (「ダイダラボッチ」?; Daidarabotchi) is a giant celestial robot rabbit that was created by the Moon Tribe. However, they locked it away in the Underground Ruins so it would not be misused after the fall of their civilization. Daidarabotchi is giant, much larger than most things in the game. It is so large as it is the creator of the Moon[Citation needed]. It can only be controlled by a member of the Moon Tribe, presumably to prevent it being misused. It is covered in the same markings that characterise all the Moon Tribe's inventions.


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  • Daidarabotchi may have been built to look like Yumigami as it slightly resembles a rabbit, and the fact that Yumigami is the goddess of the Moon.

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