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Clay Steed
Clay steed
Appearances Ōkamiden
First encountered Shinshu Field (100 years ago)
Attack method Projectile shot
Weapon(s) Blue fire-like projectiles
Effective weapon(s) Power Slash
The Clay Steed (「埴輪軍馬」?; Haniwa Gunba; "Haniwa Warhorse") is a type of minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. Another demon belonging to the Sculptures category (along with the Stone Dragon and Flow Dragon), the Clay Steed is unique from the other demons since it is a horse, instead of stone dragon sculptures. This demon is also a member of the Clay Army family of demons.


The Clay Steed is first encountered at Shinshu Field (100 years ago), in a hidden cave made accessible by using Cherry Bomb on a crack in the rock of the hills surrounding the field. The Clay Steed, as its name implies, is a demon in the form of a horse; to be exact, the animal's neck and head. The demon is formed of clay, but its background says otherwise. Covering the demon's form are arcane, neon blue Moon Tribe-like markings, as lines on the mane and a swirl on the neck. Strapped on the head of the demon is the bindings of a saddle that has been lost with its body long ago because of grave robbers and nature's destructive forces[1]. At the stump of the Clay Steed's neck where its body should be connected, a wooden base with simple decorations is present instead to give the demon a footing.


Originally, the Clay Steed were the spirits of horses buried alive with a king when he died, similar to a human martyr. However, nature's forces and grave robbers have taken their toll on the horses, and they were left without their bodies. Now, rendered in this miserable form, they haunt the land in search of their lost parts[1].

Bestiary entry

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    "Spirits of the horses buried alive with a king when he died.
    The elements and grave robbers have left these horses without bodies.
    Now they haunt the land, searching for the lost pieces of their bodies."


The Clay Steed is normally dormant, until Chibiterasu comes within its vicinity, which then it will awaken and attack him by firing projectiles of blue fire at him. Deflect these projectiles with Power Slash, and two return fires will kill the demon with ease, though it is capable of movement, and some deflected shots may miss. Otherwise, there is no way the Clay Steed can be damaged, whether from Divine Instruments or Celestial Brush techniques.


  • According to the background of the Clay Steed, this demon is the spirits of buried horses, though they are of a clay figure form. It is unknown if this form is truly made of clay or is the remaining of the steeds' carcasses.
  • The blue markings on the Clay Steed's body and the blue fire it uses to attack Chibiterasu suggests an unknown relationship between this demon and the Moon Tribe.
  • According to the Bestiary entry of this demon, its design may originate from the buried Terracotta Army of China, like the rest of the martyred Clay Army.
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