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Flower of Sasa Sanctuary Chun
Gender Female
Race Sparrow
Location Sasa Sanctuary
Family Jamba (father)
Tai (little brother)[1]
Appearances Ōkami
My name's Chun, precious flower of the Sparrow Inn!


Chun (「春雀太夫」?; Chunjaku-tayū) lives in Sasa Sanctuary as the daughter of the Sparrow Clan Leader, Jamba.


Chun is a tiny brown sparrow (possibly a paddy sparrow), and a distinctive Sparrow Clansman. She is highly notable for her small yet somewhat chubby figure. Her cheeks has two spots that are also circular. Chun wears a a rose sleeveless kimono with a persimmon and cream obi, and a small red bow-like ribbon on the left of her head as an accessory.


Chun's personality is known as immature. This is seen when she calls Issun "Stuuuuupid!". She is also known to be a spoiled child, though often, she herself would spoil her little brother Tai[1]. Being the daughter of Jamba, she seems to get pampered often.


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Main article: Shita-kiri Suzume

Chun originates from the Japanese story Shita-kiri Suzume. However, whereas the old man in the story is good-hearted and only the wife is greedy, both of their in-game counterparts are demonic entities who was actually about to eat Chun.


  • Even though Chun has synchronized movement and flight animations when Amaterasu had to guide her back to Sasa Sanctuary, if Amaterasu jumps from a high place and assumes a rebounding animation, then Chun's movements are unsynchronized.


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    Jamba's son, he was spoiled by his older sister Chun as a hatchling, and is therefore quite immature. The Sparrow Clan's underlings are often worried about Tai's childish ways.
    Image Scroll of Those from the Road, p.39 (Ōkami Official Complete Works)

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