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Chimera Family
Appearances Ōkami
Location(s) Hana Valley
Tsuta Ruins
Gale Shrine
Moon Cave
Ryoshima Coast
North Ryoshima Coast
Underground Ruins
Distinctions Mace-like tails (Ōkami)
Protective shells
Vulnerable cores
Demons in the Chimera Family (「鵺系」?; nue-kei) are large, quadrupedal demons with a bulbous, armored body and a long tail. When first encountered, they stand on the ground, but they are capable of hurling large round missiles across the arena and launching into short flights to attack from the air. Most of them have a stunned state that immobilizes them on the ground and opens their armor, exposing their vulnerable cores.


There are three different types of chimera-like monsters in Ōkami: the Bud Ogre, the Chimera proper, and the Igloo Turtle.

Ōkamiden has two members of this type, which those demons are the Demon Nut and the Bone Clam.



Bud Ogre

Bud ogre
Main article: Bud Ogre

The Bud Ogres (鬼灯, "houzuki", lit. demon lantern) is a large bud-like demons. The houzuki plant (Physalis alkekengi) is sometimes known in English as the "lantern plant" because of the appearance of its fruits, whose cherry-like centers are enclosed in a reddish papery husk in a very similar structure to the Bud Ogre's body. Its Floral Finisher is Bloom.


Chimera artwork
Main article: Chimera

The Chimera (鵺, "nue") is a large teakettle-like demon similar to the Bud Ogre, but is composed of the parts of several animals, as shown with this version. It is a large, tank like demon, first encountered in the Gale Shrine. It is based around a traditional kettle, with a tough outer shell that appears to be made of metal. It protects the Chimera from any damage. Its Floral Finisher is Power Slash.

Igloo Turtle

Main article: Igloo Turtle

The Igloo Turtle (「雪童子」?) is quite like the Chimera and Bud Ogre. It is a giant, four-legged creature whose weak point is a straw raincoat, encased in its ice igloo on its back and a fiery tail that lashes out. It first appears in Kamui and their Floral Finisher is Inferno.


Bone Clams and Demon Nuts are considered as Chimeras since they are very damage resistant when within their shells. By blooming them, Chibiterasu can deal fatal blows to their exposed, vulnerable cores.


  • The Chimera demons is based on the nue, a chimeric Japanese monster whose most common description (monkey head, tanuki body, tiger legs, and a snake for a tail) matches fairly closely with the Chimera proper within the game; the latter's body resembles a kettle of boiling water, consistent with a common folktale about a mischievous tanuki transforming itself into a teakettle.

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