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Appearances Ōkami
User(s) Amaterasu
Granted by Sakigami
Found Hana Valley (Both Ōkami and Ōkamiden)
Power(s) Revives dead trees and plants.
Bloom (「花咲」?; 「はなさき」・hanasaki; flower-blooming) is a Celestial Brush technique, and one of a three-part technique called Greensprout. It is given to Amaterasu by Sakigami, one of the Hanagami, after completing a puzzle in Hana Valley. Its main purpose is to rejuvenate Guardian Saplings and restore nature. It also restores wilted Clovers, which give Amaterasu Praise. Bloom also rids Cursed Trees of their evil. Though not often used in combat, Bloom is effective on Bud Ogres, whose Floral Finisher requires the technique, and in the first part of the Yami battle, which exposes Yami's core.

How to use Bloom.

Bloom can also be used on most NPCs, which makes them pet Amaterasu. On the Oina, however, it changes them into their wolf forms. Another technique of Bloom, or Greensprout, is the ability to create trees by drawing dots on the ground, where it is possible to use it. It can also create a path of flowers on the ground when the Celestial Brush is used to draw a line across the ground.


Bloom in action.

In Ōkamiden, Bloom is vital for rejuvenating wilted cherry blossom trees and to open other objects, flowers or monsters. The Water Lily Celestial Brush technique is absent, so in order to create some lily pads on water, Chibiterasu must use bloom on a water lily bud to bloom it, sprouting out lily pads. Also, a certain of Konohana blossoms are unusable due to them being closed, which Chibiterasu needs to bloom to be used.

Bloom still retains it usefulness for restoring Guardian Saplings and opening a shelled monster. Unlike before, blooming an NPC doesn't make them pet or cuddle with Chibiterasu, but rather surprised like when hit by Power Slash. Bloom is also used to send the dearly departed Sugawara when he is finally able to to continue with his afterlife.


  • When Bloom is used, the kanji 「咲」 (「さき」?; saki; bloom[1]) appears.


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