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Ōkamiden Original Soundtrack
Okamiden ost cover
The cover of the Ōkamiden Original Soundtrack.

Release date

10 Nov. 2010[1]

Media format

4 CDs




Rei Kondo
Masami Ueda
Hiroshi Yamaguchi


Rei Kondo

The Ōkamiden Original Soundtrack contains all of the music of Ōkamiden, and it is inspired by classical Japanese music as well as most of the Ōkami Original Soundtrack. It was released exclusively in Japan by Capcom on November 10, 2010[1].

The soundtrack contains 4 CDs and a total of 67 tracks that are full instrumental versions of the tracks played in Ōkamiden, as the tracks played in the actual game had to be downgraded in quality due to the size constraints of the Nintendo DS cartridge. Some tracks are not played in any version in-game and are exclusive to the soundtrack itself. There is also an unlockable jukebox in Ōkamiden, similar to the one in the US/EU version of Ōkami, where the entire soundtrack is playable.

On the Japanese e-Capcom site on September 30, 2010, there was a promotional and limited edition version of the Ōkamiden Soundtrack released with several other limited edition items in a package named the Ōkamiden ~Chiisaki Taiyou~: Treasure Box of Sound and Light[2]. This soundtrack, arranged and composed by Rei Kondo, contained six uniquely in-depth scores from three songs in the Ōkamiden Original Soundtrack boasting a higher quality not seen in any track of the commercial release. It is commonly referred to as the e-Capcom Ōkamiden Limited Edition Soundtrack and is extremely rare.

Ōkamiden Original Soundtrack

Ōkamiden Limited Edition Soundtrack

Ōkamiden ~Limited Edition Demo Version~
Length: 3:38
Yakushi Village
Length: 3:44
Shinshu Field
Length: 3:17
Ōkamiden ~Limited Edition Demo Version~ (guitar arrange)
Length: 3:36
Yakushi Village (guitar arrange)
Length: 3:15
Shinshu Field (guitar arrange)
Length: 3:17



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