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Ōkami Original Soundtrack
Ost cover
The cover of the Ōkami Original Soundtrack.

Release date

31 May 2005[1]

Media format

5 CDs




Rei Kondo
Masami Ueda
Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Akari Groves


Yoshinobu Takeshita

The Ōkami Original Soundtrack contains all of the original music in Ōkami and is inspired by classical Japanese works. It was released exclusively in the Japanese market by Capcom on May 31, 2005[1]. The soundtrack contains a total of 218 songs within a five disc soundtrack that are played in-game, as well as demo and prototype songs that are never played unless accessed in the jukebox area of the Presents from Issun (US and European releases only). The song played over the PS2 credit sequence only, "Reset", is sung by Ayaka Hirahara.

Another version of the soundtrack, the Ōkami Piano Arrange, was released on March 30, 2007[3]. This soundtrack featured piano arrangements of 10 songs from the Ōkami Original Soundtrack and was both arranged and performed by Mika Matsura.

A re-release of the original soundtrack with selected songs from the Capcom sound team, called the Ōkami Classics Soundtrack, was released along with the Japanese Wii version on October 15, 2009[4]. This version contained 42 songs identical to the ones in the Ōkami Original Soundtrack, but in a different order, and one song from the Ōkami Piano Arrange, counting 43 in total.

Another arrangement of selected songs from the soundtrack, called Ōkami: Tone of The Quintuple, was released alongside Ōkami HD on October 31, 2012[5] that featured original instrumental versions of songs from the Ōkami Original Soundtrack. The name "Quintuple" refers to the five different instruments used in every song: the shamisen, cello, violin, piano, and shakuhachi. Totaling 12 songs, this soundtrack was the only one distributed by Sony Music Entertainment instead of Capcom. According to the official description of the product[6] , this soundtrack's cover features designs from the first illustration of Ōkami ever submitted to the Capcom Design Office.

Ōkami Original Soundtrack

Ōkami Piano Arrange

Okami piano cover

The cover of the Ōkami Piano Arrange soundtrack.

Ōkami Classics Soundtrack

Okami classics cover

The cover of the Ōkami Classics Soundtrack.

Ōkami: Tone of The Quintuple

Okami quintuple

The cover for the Ōkami: Tone of The Quintuple soundtrack.


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